Ben G. R.
In Sisters We Trust
or My Fucked Up American Girl Doll Play

McCullough Theatre, Austin, TX
October 20 - October 29, 2022

Direction: Jenny Lavery
Assistant Media Design: AJ Huertado
Lighting Design: Sarah Jean Elliott
Scenic Design: Inji Ha
Costume Design: Meagan Beattie

Projection and media design.

System design for an on-stage live camera.

The American Girl Dolls are all grown up and gathered together for a televised Bachelor-style reunion to decide the fate of the company. But suddenly, the girls start disappearing; something glitches and we’re thrown into a glossy feminist co-working space on the brink of expansion. The progressive women at the helm are still perpetuating age-old oppressive practices, now just in a shade of millennial pink. In Sisters We Trust, or My F*cked Up American Girl Doll Play investigates how corporate feminism is repeating and rebranding mistakes of the past instead of finding new pathways to empowerment.

This is an historically inaccurate play about $80 dolls, intersectionality and self-identifying female co-working spaces.