Ben G. R.
Der Kaiser Von Atlantis

McCullough Theatre, Austin, TX
February 24 - February 27, 2022

Direction: Matthew J. Schulz
Lighting Design: Ron Collins
Scenic Design: Hsiao-Wei Chen
Costume Design: Aaron Kubacak

Projection and media design for Viktor Ullmann's 1944 one-act opera.

During their imprisonment in the Nazi concentration camp Theresienstadt, composer Viktor Ullmann collaborated with fellow inmate and librettist Peter Kien on this thought-provoking drama, in which Death itself is personified. A cruel emperor decrees a universal war, and feeling usurped by the declaration, Death goes on strike. The masses are then unable to die and attempt to imagine a world without fatal conflict, “where only love can unite us.”

Though Ullmann and Kien died while imprisoned, their manuscripts were preserved and the work was premiered by the Dutch National Opera in 1975.